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Construction is Hawaii’s fourth largest private industry in Hawaii, with demand dependent on population growth, as well as growth of other sectors. Our construction industry team helps clients take advantage of opportunities, navigate change and challenges as well as plan for the future.


We wrap the nuts and bolts of your business with insight, efficiency and growth.


Q: What software is recommended for construction job costing and overhead analysis?
A: This answer depends on many factors including the size and complexity of the company, the complexity of the software and the experience of your accounting personnel.

Q: How far in advance should a construction companies look into succession planning?
A: Generally, any business that has some track record of profits, should spend time considering the long term future of that business. Whether it’s passing on the ownership to family members, selling the business, or forming an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), we can provide guidance throughout this process.


Managing Your Business

  • Operational and business process review
    Review of current fiscal processes to make recommendations on improvements.
  • Financial reporting services
    Perform a contract schedule analysis and develop a presentation for a Company’s financial statements.
  • Multi-state and local tax structuring
    Expand a business in a tax-efficient manner with multi-state and local tax structuring.
  • Assistance with IRC Section 42 Low Income Housing tax credits
    Provide guidance with program requirements from pre-development through the compliance period.
  • Look-back analysis
    Determine if IRC Section 460(b)(2) applies to a Company and compute interest for Form 8697.
  • Job costing and overhead analysis
    Analyzing overhead allocation methodologies.
  • Lease versus buy analysis
    Compare different financing alternatives for major equipment purchases.
  • Review ROI analysis on PV and Solar systems
    Review the reasonableness of return on investment computations for photovoltaic and solar system installations.


Growing Your Business

  • Business succession and ownership transition planning
    Create a succession plan that identifies and trains high-potential employees for key management roles.
  • Cash flow forecast and projections
    Estimate and manage cash flow requirements to properly plan for the future.
  • Bonding and loan assistance
    Assist with surety and banking requirements.



  • Tax planning and consulting
    Maximize your resources in the most tax-efficient way possible.
  • REAC filing
    Provide assistance with U.S. Department of Urban Development’s REAC filing requirements.
  • Cost certifications
    Certify project costs for filing with Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation and U.S. Department of Urban Development programs.
  • Ongoing rental audits
    Audit rental housing projects to comply with loan or partnership agreements.
  • Overhead rate audits
    Review overhead rate computations in compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.