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Internship Program

Internship Program

At N&K, we offer you the opportunity to gain an experience in public accounting that focuses on achieving your specific learning goals. We are currently offering year-round internships in both our tax and audit divisions. During your internship, you will be given the opportunity to develop the technical skills necessary to build a foundation for a successful career. You will also experience a glimpse into the life of a public accountant and get a feel for what it is like to be part of the N&K team.

Timing and Guidelines

 N&K is pleased to offer full-time summer internships and part-time internships during the school year in both our tax and audit divisions. Our summer internships run approximately six to ten weeks during the students’ summer break and are normally the standard 40 hours, five days a week. Our part-time internships are usually six to ten weeks during both the fall and spring semesters. During your part-time internship, N&K would like you to commit 24 hours a week but is flexible in how you choose to structure your week.

N&K is aware of the demanding schedules students have, so we are happy to be as accommodating as we can regarding dates and times of internships. For further inquiry on our internship program as well as application deadlines, please contact one of our firm recruiters.

A Self-Development Program

Your internship with our firm will be important in your transition into the accounting industry. It will be a period of adjustment. At N&K, we will work with you to carefully plan goals that you would like to achieve and obtain from the internship, and work carefully with you to design a program to best meet those expectations.


Entry-Level Positions

Entry-Level Positions